How it works.

The St Palo Necklace provides you with a moment, at any point in your day where you can restore and recharge, as many times as you need.

Our product range includes a cleverly crafted silver-plated pendant which unscrews to carry a self-diffusing vial containing one of seven available organic aromatherapy blends.  

The St Palo Necklace is designed to carry your comforts for you.

— How to choose your blend
When finding the right blend for you, follow your intuition. Whether you are drawn by your sense of smell or your gut feelings, they are often right.

— How to change your blend
Always place the diffuser lids back on when not in use, that way they last longer for you.

Remember you can use your new pouch to keep lids and spare diffusers safe in your bag or pocket.

Place your diffuser inside your pendant, keep it around your neck and you may stand a little taller that day.